Chandoba I: Our Maiden Lunar Exploration

At Bramhaandco Spacetech, we are excited to announce our inaugural lunar mission, Chandoba I. This pivotal endeavor represents a significant stride in our journey to unravel the mysteries of the Moon and pave the way for the commercialization of lunar resources.


3474,8 km

16,7 km/h

27 Day

Mission Objectives

The principal aim of Chandoba I is to probe the lunar environment with unprecedented depth and precision. We intend to deploy a fleet of cutting-edge rovers, each tasked with specific exploration objectives. These rovers will drill deeper into the lunar surface than any mission before, helping us map the mineralogical composition of the Moon in exquisite detail.

Rovers and Tasks

Our fleet of rovers is uniquely designed to withstand the Moon's harsh environment and accomplish their respective tasks. They are equipped with advanced navigation systems to traverse the challenging lunar terrain and state-of-the-art drilling mechanisms to extract samples from various depths. From assessing the Moon's subsurface for water ice, rare-earth metals, and Helium-3, to studying its surface radiation levels and seismic activity, every rover plays a critical role in this mission.

Future Plans

Chandoba I's findings will lay the groundwork for our future missions. With detailed information about the Moon's composition and environment, we can strategize our upcoming expeditions more effectively, with a focus on exploiting these resources for commercial purposes. The data collected will also contribute to scientific understanding, enriching our knowledge of the Moon and its formation.

We invite you to join us on this exciting journey as we embark on Chandoba I. Your support and interest are invaluable as we take this giant leap towards transforming the future of lunar exploration and commercialization. Stay tuned to our updates and witness the unveiling of lunar secrets like never before!